Chiara Prosperi Porta is an English language lecturer at Sapienza University of Rome. Since 2002 she has taught as Adjunct Professor at B.A. and M.A. levels in the Faculties of Economics, Humanities, Law and Medicine. She has also been assistant researcher of English in the Faculty of Economics and has been teaching English for the Carabinieri International Cooperation Office, as well as technical English in the postgraduate course in Applied Chemistry for the Italian Military. Her interests are mainly in ESP and EAP, with particular reference to scientific discourse and genre analysis, technological genre and communication in professional/institutional settings. She has published widely on these subjects, including a book European Institutional English (UniversItalia 2018). Some of her recent essays are: “The discursive topicalisation of trust, ethics and ideology in European security issues” (Università del Salento 2021); “Knowledge Dissemination and Ideology in the Discourse of Securitisation and Control in the EU” (Bulzoni 2019); “Comparative Mechanisms and Relations in the Dissemination of Institution-centred Financial Knowledge”(Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2019); “Knowledge Transfer, Trust and Ideologies in Public Financial Reporting” (Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2017).

A full list of her publications is available here.

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