Elena Manca is researcher and lecturer at the Department of Humanities, University of Salento (Lecce, Italy). She holds a PhD in English Language and Translation from the University of Salento. She teaches English Language and Translation on a BA course in Linguistic Mediation. Her main research interests are Corpus Linguistics and the study of meaning, Corpus Linguistics and Intercultural Studies applied to translation and contrastive analysis, special languages with particular attention to the language of tourism, the use of new technologies in language teaching and audiovisual translation.

Her recent publications include: (2016) “Persuasion in Tourism Discourse: Methodologies and Models”, Cambridge Scholars Publishers, (2016), “Official Tourist Websites and the Cultural Communication Grammar model: analysing language, visuals, and cultural features”, Cultus 9 (1), (2017), “Verbal techniques of the language of tourism across cultures: an analysis of five official tourist websites”, in Bielenia-Grajewska, Magdalena & Cortés de los Ríos, Mª Enriqueta (eds.) Innovative Perspectives on Tourism Discourse, Hershey: IGI Global, and with C. Spinzi (2017), “Reading figurative images in the political discourse of the British press”, Textus.

A full list of her publications is available here.

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