Janet Bowker was Associate Professor in English Linguistics in the Faculty of Economics, Sapienza University of Rome until 2020, when she officially retired. Her research interests lie mainly in academic, institutional and professional discourse analysis, corpus linguistics, socio-cognitive pragmatics, ESP teaching and testing. She has compiled a specialised corpus of business discourse consisting of a wide range of organizational data. This has been used to explore a variety of topics such as description, evaluation and persuasion in internal and external company discourse, multimodal organizational communication, and intercultural business interactions. She has published extensively on these themes, including a book “Internal Organizational Discourse in English: Telling Corporate Stories”, 2014. Together with Rita Salvi, she is co-editor of “The Dissemination of Contemporary Knowledge in English”, 2015, and Space, Place and Identity: Discursive Indexicality in Cultural, Institutional and Professional Fields, 2013. With forty years of experience in the Faculty, she was the co-author of a number of published courses for undergraduates and postgraduates, and served as coordinator for the innovative computer test examinations administered to the Faculties of Economics and Law. She continues her work as an independent researcher, writer and teacher.

A full list of her publications is available here.

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