Discursive perspectives on knowledge dissemination in corporate and professional communication: focus on ethical and ideological aspects – Naples, January 16th – 17th 2020


Discursive perspectives on knowledge dissemination in corporate and professional communication:focus on ethical and ideological aspects

Naples, January 16th – 17th 2020

Call for papers

 The Workshop aims to address the topic of knowledge management and dissemination in corporate and business-related professional communication in a discourse-analytical perspective, looking in particular at ideological and ethical aspects. While knowledge dissemination has been explored quite extensively in a variety of contexts (scientific, technological, medical, genetic, legal), knowledge management and dissemination in corporate communication and in economic and financial activities have been studied less systematically and comprehensively. The concept of knowledge management refers to the practices involved in the sharing and managing of knowledge and the strategies used to identify, develop, store and disseminate knowledge, typically with a shift from tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge (Nonaka, 1991).

The main focus of the Workshop is on the practices, modes and strategies of knowledge dissemination enacted by companies and by business professionals in their communication with multiple and diverse stakeholders, both internal and external.

In this context, special attention need be set aside for the study of the recontextualisation of knowledge necessary to circulate it within organizations, and make it accessible to specific target audiences (investors, clients, other stakeholders, the general public).

Under this perspective, special interest lies in the discursive representation of ideologically and ethically relevant issues, and in particular those concerning specific business aspects, for instance marketing, internal and external communication, accounting, Human Resources Management, finance and corporate social responsibility, in their ethical and ideological implications.

These issues can be explored and investigated in their linguistic and discursive aspects and implications, as well as in the perspective of translation and interpreting. Synchronic, diachronic, contrastive, interlinguistic and intercultural approaches are equally welcome.

Contributions are invited from scholars working in a variety of disciplines including linguistics, discourse analysis, communication studies, organisation studies, management studies, economics, business economics, accountancy, marketing, etc.

The conference will be held in Naples, at the conference centre of Università degli Studi di Napoli, Federico II, via Partenope.

Topic areas

Topics are broadly defined as, but not limited to, the following:

Genres in corporate and professional communication

  • Genre variation in intercultural corporate communication
  • Intertextuality, interdiscursivity and hybridisation in business genres

ICT and multimodality in business communication

  • Multi-modal technologies and corporate/institutional communication
  • Rhetorical practices and language use in web-mediated communication

Knowledge, ethics and ideology in corporate communication across languages and cultures

  • Multidisciplinarity and business communication research across cultures
  • Corporate knowledge popularization and dissemination
  • Ideology, bias and power in mixed-culture corporate interactions
  • Lingua franca communication
  • Discursive strategies in multilingual and interpreter-mediated interactions
  • Translation, re-writing and re-telling in the corporate world
  • Tourism and local/global issues in tourist promotion
  • Issues in Human Resource management

CSR, sponsorship, advertising

  • The discourses of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Language and discourse in corporate sponsorship
  • Organisational discourses and emerging corporate philosophies
  • Ethics in advertising
  • Textual analysis in financial and corporate governance reporting

Argumentation, rhetoric, meanings and narrative in corporate documents

  • Investigating bias in narrative financial disclosure
  • Critical and normative perspectives on financial rhetoric
  • Image and reputation restoration
  • Ethics in crisis management

Corporate communication and news management

  • News management and the enterprise
  • Discourses in the corporate newsroom
  • Corporate communication to the media
  • Corporate image building through the press

The Conference is organized by the Dept. of Economics and Statistics of Università di Napoli Federico II, in collaboration with the Milan research Unit of PRIN Project “Knowledge Dissemination, Ethics and Ideology in Specialised Communication: Linguistic and Discursive Perspectives” based at IULM University, Milan, and Milan State University.


For all submissions (no more than 300 words), please clearly indicate: – Abstract title, author names, and full institutional affiliations of the responsible (presenting) author and collaborating authors. – Contact e-mail address and phone number for the responsible author. – One or two conference themes (see above).

Please send abstracts to walter.giordano@unina.it and emanuele.brambilla@iulm.it.

Deadline: Please submit abstracts by 15 November 2019. Notifications of acceptance will be sent by 30 November 2019. The participants who need to apply for a VISA to Italy will be notified immediately after the deadline.

Following formal acceptance, the responsible (presenting) authors must register for the conference prior to the finalisation of the conference programme. The registration fee is €60, to be paid by December 31st 2019.

The payment must be made by bank transfer only to:


IBAN IT98U 03069 40103 100000005342

specifying “WORKSHOP NAPLES 2020”

Choose your accommodation among the ones in the area of Via Partenope, via Chiatamone, via Santa Lucia, Piazza Vittoria and Riviera di Chiaia.

Selected papers will be included in an edited collection published by an international publisher or in a special issue of a first rate journal.

Conference contact: walter.giordano@unina.it, emanuele.brambilla@iulm.it

Plenary speakers

Erika Darics (Aston University, UK), Martin Reisigl (University of Vienna, Austria)


Walter Giordano
Dipartimento di Economia e Statistica
Università di Napoli “Federico II”
Via Cintia, 80126
Naples, Italy
+39081675274 +393491524667

Scientific committee

Marina Bondi, Nicholas Brownlees, Paola Catenaccio, Belinda Crawford, Erica Darics, Giuliana Garzone, Walter Giordano, Maurizio Gotti, Martin Reisigl, Rita Salvi, Girolamo Tessuto

Organizing committee

Walter Giordano, Emanuele Brambilla, Giorgia Riboni, Benedetta d’Alessandro, Daniela Moscarella, Elvira Autorino